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Do you have a significant number of customers leaving your company ?
Get your predictive churn model within a few minutes.

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Dasper, your pocket format Data Scientist

Your company has data, you need a data scientist. You don’t have any data scientist, you have Dasper.
He cleans your data, prepares it, enrichs it and builds predictive model based on your historical data.
Artificial Intelligence becomes accessible to everyone and within 5 minutes you will be able to find out which customers will churn and why


Collect Data

No matter what information is important to your business, get accurate customer and product data in real-time across mobile, web, and other platforms.

Collect Data

Identify Patterns

Once you’ve collected data, define key business metrics and see how they trend over time. Maybe you want to see how your users grow week to week or which webpage they interact with most. Identify all the patterns that matter to your business.

Identify Patterns

Identify Who Will Churn

Simply predict which customers will abandon the business by providing early warnings regarding customers whose lifetime value prediction has declined substantially during the recent period, even though they are still active and may not abandon the business entirely in the near future.

Identify churners

Identify Why They Churn

One metric that we feel is vital to tracking and predicting a company’s success is customer churn rate. It can be hard to understand what is causing your churn rate to increase but we can overcome what seems to be an impossible task of keeping customers happier for longer.

Identify churners

Take Action

With your plan in mind, test your hypotheses in real-time through product experiments, messaging, and personalization. Then tie them back to business metrics like conversion, engagement, and retention.

Take Action

Who is Dasper ?

Dasper is a platform (SaaP) using your historical data to build machine learning model predicting your new data entry.

  • Dasper predict which customers will churn, and why.
  • Dasper guides you through all steps

How to deploy Dasper ?

Dasper provides you API's that enable the application of your predictive model directly in your IT ecosystem

  • Dasper enables real time predictions
  • Dasper fits in 95% of the existing back ends

Hire a Data Scientist ?

Data Scientist Picture
  • 4 to 6 months to hire a data scientist
  • 50-70k€ / year + social fees
  • At least 4 months to get a first predictive model
  • 1 month onboarding with a dedicated collaborator

Use Dasper

Dasper Picture
  • Get your predictive model within 5 minutes
  • From 4k€ / year
  • Deploy in production your predictive model in 2 minutes
  • Build an AI company by creating new predictive model


  • Money bag
    Save Money
  • Gain efficiency
    Gain in efficiency
  • Win Time & Energy
    Win time & energy
  • collaboration
    Empower collaboration

Our tool provides a Big Data environment and a powerful IT infrastructure handling high volume of data.


Our tool provides API's to deploy any predictive models you have trained directly in production. We are implementable in 95% of current backend.


Our tool provides models ranked top 5% in every predictive analytics Kaggle competitions. We have reached the performance of the bests data scientists in the world (Kaggle Masters).


Our tool provides an automated data analytics and data visualization module to get insights from your data and create BI dashboards.

woman comment
I have used Dasper to create groups of users for my next marketing campaign. Now, I am using the platform every single day.

– Marketing Manager - e-learning platform

woman comment
I wanted to implement a predictive analytics tool for my internal auditors to provide them indicators when they prepare an audit. Before each and every audit, we now run our predictive model on the Data Science Platform.

– Internal Audit Manager - Pharmaceutical Company

man comment
We were mad due to a high fraud ratio on our platform. We were losing few thousands of dollars every month due to a detected fraud. Since we have implemented Eiffo Analytics in our company, we are so much safer and our fraud ratio is constantly decreasing.

– CTO - Tech startup

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