Learn how to use Dasper and predict churn to anticipate the cancellation of a subscription service.

How it works ?

Dasper is a platform using your historical data to build predictive model based on churn prediction. Dasper will augment your capabilities so that you can more accurately predict which customer is likely to defect and identify risk factors.

Step 1

Upload your data

With Dasper the only thing you have to do is drag & drop your data on the platform and wait fo results. No code is needed.

Upload Data
Predictive Model
Step 2

Launch predictive model

Learn and understand customer behavior, and identify the patterns.

Step 3

Get a total report of the analysis

Your prediction results output as a shareable report in under 30 seconds. Predict, based on machine learning techniques, which customer will likely churn and understand why.

Results of analysis

Need some help to build and deploy your data ?

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